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Quality Management Unit

The National Standards Unit has the responsibility of preparing and maintaining the "Lao PDR National UXO/Mine Action Standards” and for ensuring that they are applied by all UXO organisations within the country. Today, the Unit comprises of two core staff members and will expand in the future to include a number of mobile teams who can assist with "compliance" verification

Monitoring the application of ‘Lao PDR National UXO/Mine Action Standards (NS)’ is the main area of focus for the Unit. The Standards are a definitive guide to best practice UXO response operations, and cover all areas of UXO action; ranging fromclearance worksite preparation to reporting to occupational health and safety.

The National Standards can be downloaded here.

Current Status of UXO Operator Accreditation Progress

Accreditation Stage

Full Accreditation

BACTEC, Milsearch, Phoenix (PCL), FSD

Provisional Accreditation


Process Ongoing

UXO Lao, MAG, HIB, StoraEnso, Phouluang

Preparing to Apply


Not Yet Applied

Lao Army

Operator accreditations are its second focus area. The UXO sector is a dynamic space in which the number and the configuration of clearance operators changes regularly. As of the end of 2009, there were no less than 13 separate entities were involved or planning to be involved in clearance. However, one constant is the need to receive official approval, or accreditation, for operational clearance status. This accreditation is done via the NRA and is primarily handled by the Unit.

The Process of Accreditation Involves:

- Submitting a detailed application form, which is then closely scrutinised and reviewed against an extensive checklist to ensure the application and operating procedures from the organisation are compliant with the National Standards
- If the application meets all the criteria then a provisional accreditation is issued
- During this period, an on-site inspection will take place whereby a detailed checklist is applied to the organisation’s operational status
- If the organisation meets all these criteria then a full license will be issued
- This effectively gives an organisation the approval it needs to commence operation, contingent only on having signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Lao Government, or the appropriate business licences.

If an applicant does at any stage not meet the stringent criteria set out, the NRA will work with this organisation to identify all the problem areas and to find the appropriate solutions.



Regular Activities

- Manage, review and maintain of National Standards
- Conduct periodic QA/QC on-site inspections of a number of different clearance operators
- Coordinate externally facilitated Quality Management inspections across all sector activities
  Manage accreditation process