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The National Regulatory Authority for UXO/Mine Action in the Lao PDR is a public institution of the Lao Government. Established in 2005 and operational since mid 2006, the NRA coordinates overall mangement of the Sector, and is responsible for:

- Strategic direction and policy formation
- Operator accreditation
- Coordination of operational activities
- Building individual and institutional capacity within the UXO Sector
- Information management and analysis
- Quality Management of Sector operations
- International Treaty support

The NRA institution is a high-level inter-ministerial board composed of representatives from 11 Government Ministries: Agriculture and Forestry, Defence (Chair), Education, Foreign Affairs, Health, Information and Culture, Labor and Social Welfare (Vice-Chair), Planning and Investment, Finance, Security, Telecommunications and Transportation.

The NRA Office provides comprehensive secretariat and administrative support for the Board, and implements the activities needed to meet its mandate..

The NRA was established in partnership with the UNDP and continues with its ongoing support.

The principal vision of the NRA is to realise:

"… a Lao PDR free from the threat of UXO, where individuals and communities live in a safe environment contributing to development and where UXO victims  are fully integrated into their societies and their needs are met.”

In the next 10 years, the strategic goal of the NRA, the Government of Laos, and all other development partners is to reduce the humanitarian and socio-economic threats posed by UXO, and to build a sustainable national capacity that can adequately address all remaining UXO issues.

A Sector wide strategic document has been developed in order to achieve this goal, ‘The Safe Path Forward’. It comprehensively outlines the direction and the activities needing to occur for this vision to be made reality. The latest version of this, The Safe Path Forward II can be viewed here.

Currently the NRA Office has 34 national staff and 6 international technical advisors.

The structure of the NRA Office is divided into two sections: Policy, Administration and Standards and Operations. There are a number of units within each section. The diagram below shows the structure of the NRA.