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Information Management

A critical component of the NRA’s mandate is Information Management. The NRA acts as central point for information on sector activity, and receives and houses data of major areas of UXO Mine/action including:

- Clearance, roving and survey activities
- Risk Education activities
- Accident rates
- Victim information

- Land use
- Impact assessments
- Historical bombing data and GIS Mapping

The NRA uses a specialised Information Management System to efficiently and accurately handle the volume and scope of information. This system was purpose built for the global Mine Action issue and is called IMSMA (Information Management System for Mine Action).

The NRA currently has installed and uses the latest version of IMSMA, and is able to produce materials of operational and analytical value to all agents in the sector; they include:

- General and specialised Maps 
- Monthly progress reports
- Sub-sector information reports and trend analyses
- Spatial analyses.

Information Management System for UXO\Mine Action Training

for the Provincial Regulatory Authorities on 22-24 October 2019

Handover of the IT equipment

IMSMA Resources

- Monthly Progress Report

- Completion Survey Form Download

- Roving Task Form Download

- Mine Risk Education Form Download

- IMSMA_NG_ User Manual

- Monthly Summary Progress Report

More information and examples about IMSMA can be found here.