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Mine Risk Education

What is MRE?

Mine Risk Education in Laos is focused on preventing UXO related accidents happening through proper awareness raising and communication.


Through targeted messaging that is tailored for certain at-risk groups, MRE aims to increase knowledge and understanding about the UXO issue. Ultimately, this increased knowledge can help change behaviors and avoid practices that unknowingly endanger someone, or that are intentionally risky.

The MRE Unit is responsible for overseeing, regulating and coordinating the work of all operators engaged in Risk Education. It is generously supported by both UNICEF and MAG.

The MRE Unit’s Main Responsibilities include:

- Coordinating operators and helping identify where education is most needed.  Technical Workings Groups are a crucial forum for this.
- Working with all partners to integrate UXO Risk Education into broader learning frameworks
- Working with Government (village, district, provincial and national) to strengthen their knowledge of the UXO issue and encourage them to integrate it into their areas of work
- Supporting a ‘Village Volunteers Network’ of community educators who teach UXO awareness at the village level
- Monitoring and evaluation of MRE operators activities
- Accumulating operator activity and progress information
- Keeping aware of best-practice Risk Education and integrating that locally.
- KAP Survey Reported 2011
- MRE Activity conducting IMSMA Report

What are MRE Activities?

MRE activities typically consist of holding workshops in villages, schools, community halls, and governments departments amongst other places.

Risk Education activities are centered on the idea of raising awareness about the dangers of UXO; the kinds of activities used to achieve this include holding workshops, handing out materials, displaying messaging in key public places, showing videos, broadcasting radio messages, and supporting volunteer communicators.

Workshops are very important as the message is delivered in person and in an interactive way that allows for participation and feedback. They are held with village authorities, school groups, individual households, whole communities, and specific at-risk groups.

The message is always tailored for the audience but a participatory, community led approach to learning, and a unified message, is consistent.

Key materials collaboratively designed by the NRA and operators can be found here
Who is at Risk?
And from
doing what?

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