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Please find a summary of news, notifications, and all other relevant matters relating to the NRA and the UXO Sector below. The information is updated regularly and is archived periodically to ensure only the most relevant information is posted. When possible, links to the sources are provided.


- UXO Accident report in Langkang, Bualapha District ,khammouan Province on 8 October 2019. For more detail; please... more
- Goverment targets removal of UXO from over 90,000 hectares on 29 th July 2019. For more detail; please...more
- MOU singing ceremony between NRA and Halo Trust, NRA and NPN on 21st June 2019. For more detail; please... more
- Singing recording of discussion ceremony KOICA Project on 14 th May 2019. For more detail; please ...more
- The United States continues its  support  towards UXO clearance efforts across Lao PDR. For more detail; please ....more