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The NRA works in concert with the wider UXO Sector; a wide and diverse network of national and international actors.

In simple terms the UXO Sector can be classified into five major stakeholder groupings. These are:

The Government of Laos: relevant ministries, departments and regional authorities.
International Donors: friendly national governments that provide varying levels of support to the Sector.
International NGOs: international organisations that are directly, partially, or indirectly involved in any facet of the UXO issue.
Other Related Groups: all other organisations that have some stake in the issue, including international advocacy groups, similar national authorities, support foundations etc.

Another grouping recently commencing active within the Sector is National Clearance organisations. Currently, the NRA has four submissions for accreditation from local Lao Companies received and under review. This is a significant step forward for the Sector, for it demonstrates that capacity building within the sector has been/is successful in terms of strengthening domestic operational capacity.


New Zealand
United Kingdom
Korea International Coopertion Agency

Operators - Note for profit:


Humanity Inclusion (HI)


Commercial Organisations: for-profit, specialised demining/clearance groups contracted into the Sector:


OUMMA UXO Clearance Co., Ltd

Phanveela UXO Clearance Sole Co.,Ltd
SBH CL., Ltd
PSD., Ltd


XTD UXO Clearance Co., Ltd (XTD)
SengPhet UXO Company Co., Ltd (SP)
SDK UXO Clearance and Disposal Co.,Ltd
SLV UXO Survey, Clearance and Disposal Co.Ltd
CLS UXO Survey, Clearance and Disposal Co.Ltd

LCY Explosive Ordnance Clearance Ltd.,Co