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Public Relations

The Public Relations Unit has two focus areas:

Raising awareness of the UXO issue in Laos, both abroad and domestically

Support information exchange amongst all key stakeholders in the UXO Sector.

The Unit’s main responsibilities include:

- To receive and act upon domestic and international media queries, liaise with press corps, and promote the important sector issues to the international community
- To produce the UXO Sector Annual Report and other publications which raise the profile the UXO issue in Laos
- To tell real life stories from Laos that reveal the human side of this issue
- To collaborate with other international advocacy groups and partner organisation to strengthen a wider effort
- To hold workshops, seminars, and other awareness raising events for key audiences in order to increase local and global understanding about the UXO issue in Laos
- To ensure that sector information is openly and freely available via the website or other communication tools
- To plan and organise internal Sector meetings in which information exchange, strategy development, and transparency and accountability takes place
- To manage and maintain the NRA’s website

Key Publications from the NRA


Media Relations

If you are an international journalist or news agency representative and are interested in obtaining information from the NRA then please direct all queries through the PR Unit.

The PR Unit provides can assist local and international media by:

- Organising for specific information and materials to be provided
- Producing NRA publications
- Organising for key NRA staff to be interviewed
- Organising a visit to the NRA office
- Organising or assisting in field visits for relevant parties
- Connecting media with other organisations in the UXO Sector

All enquiries should be directed to:


Requests for specific information need to come via the form below

Information Request Form.

Please ensure you complete this in full and with as much detail as possible so that we can assist you as best as possible and as quick as possible. Return the form to the NRA via email.