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This 'Resources; page contains a range of documents, reports, and materials concerned with the work of the NRA, the UXO Sector, and the wider international movement against Unexploded Ordnance

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Annual Reports
- 2015 Lao English
- 2014 Lao English
- 2013 Lao English
- 2012 Lao English
- 2011 Lao English
- 2010 Lao English
- 2009 Lao English
- 2008 Lao English
- 2007 Lao English
- 2006 Lao English
Information Booklets
- Hazardous Ground Lao English
Reports and Studies

- National Survey of UXO Victims and Accident Phase 1 Report Lao English

NRA Brochure
- NRA - Overview Lao English
UXO in Lao PDR Statistics
- Official UXO Sector Statistics Lao English














NRA FAQ Sheets
- UXO in Laos Overview English
- Clearance in Laos English
- Risk Education in Laos English
- Victim Assistance in Laos English
- The Impact of UXO in Laos English
- Cluster bombs English
International Treaties FAQ
- Convention on Cluster Munitions English
- Anti-personnel Land Mine Ban Treaty English
- Convention on the Rights of People Living with Disabilities English
International Treaty Texts


Risk Education Material


UXO Sector Strategy
- Safe Path Forward II Lao English
- Lao PDR UXO Sector Multi-Year Plan2016 - 2020 Lao English
Sub Sector Strategies
- Clearance Sub-sector Strategy Lao English
- MRE Sub-sector Strategy Lao English
- MRE Stragegy Assessment Report Lao English
Victim Assistance Six Pillars Position Papers
- Data Collection
- Medical Care and Rehabilitation
- Physical Rehabilitation
- Psychosocial Rehabilitation
- Economic Rehabilitation & Vocational Training
- Advocacy
National Socio-economic Development Plans
UXO Sector Evaluation
- Lao UXO Sector Evaluation Report 2008 Lao English
UXO Sector Annual Workplan
Sub-sector Annual Workplans
Risk Education
Victim Assistance
Sector Working Group Web Package
Technical Working Group Meeting Minutes
- 2014 Lao English
- 2015 Lao English
- 2016 Lao English
Technical Working Group Minutes
Mine Risk Education
- 2013 Lao English
- 2014 Lao English
- 2015 Lao English
- 2016 Lao English
Victim Assistance
- 2013 Lao English
- 2014 Lao English
- 2015 Lao English
- 2016 Lao English
National Standards Introduction
- Ch.0 Introduction and glossary Lao English
- Ch.1 Sector Structure, Organisations ... Lao English
- Ch.2 Accreditation of UXO/Mine Action ... Lao English
- Ch.3 Training and Qualifications Lao English
- Ch.4 Marking Systems Lao English
- Ch.5 Worksite Preparation Lao English
- Ch.6 Survey Lao English
- Ch.7 UXO Clearance Operations Lao English
- Ch.8 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Lao English
- Ch.9 Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Lao English
- Ch.10 Mechanical Operations Lao English
- Ch.11 Released Land Handover Procedures Lao English
- Ch.12 Mine Clearance Operation Lao English
- Ch.13 UXO and Mine Risk Education (UXO-MRA) Lao English
- Ch.14 UXO and Mine Victim Assistance (VA) Lao English
- Ch.15 Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Lao English
- Ch.16 Medical Support to UXO Clearance Operations Lao English
- Ch.17 Communications Lao English
- Ch.18 Personal Protective Equipment Lao English
- Ch.19 Quality Management (QM) Lao English
- Ch.20 Post Clearance Assessment (PCA) Lao English
- Ch.21 Environmental Management Lao English
- Ch. 22 Storage, Transportation and Handling of Explosives Lao English
- Ch.23 23. Reporting and Investigation of UXO Mine ... Lao English
- Ch.24 Information Management Lao English
NRA Accreditation Procedures for Lao PDR Lao English
NRA Quality Management Procedures for Lao PDR Lao English


National Training Standards
- National Training Standards Lao
- National Training Standards English
For additional reference material related to the standards please contact the NRA here



IMSMA Manuals


US Airforce Bombing Data Maps In Lao PDR
US Airforce Bombing Data Maps In Lao PDR
- XIENGKUANG English Lao
The above maps are axamples of what the NRA can produce. Please contact the NRA for specific requests.
Us Airforce Bombing Data on Google Earth in Lao PDR.
Cluster Bomb
General Purpose Bombs
US National Archive Material