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The NRA is a public institution of the Government of Laos. However, Laos is classified by the UN to be one of the world’s ‘Least Developed Countries’ and faces many challenges in improving the standard of living in the country. The Government of Laos does have an ambitious development agenda to do this and, coupled with a commitment to meeting the Millennium Development Goals, has its own set of fixed targets to be achieved by 2020 that will elevate it out this category.

What this means is that the internal resource Laos has, and external support it receives now, are stretched very thin across the whole spectrum of governance and development priorities. Subsequently, funding of the NRA, despite the UXO Sector being a key issue for the Government of Laos, has been primarily reliant on international donors concerned about this issue.

The Government of Laos has committed in writing to begin resourcing the NRA in the future. However, in the short term, the NRA invites all interested parties who may wish to offer support to the NRA or the UXO Sector, to do so by contacting the NRA Public Relations Unit.

Please send through a short statement outlining who you are and the type of support being proposed. The PR Unit will receive all such correspondence and have an appropriate member of the executive team respond promptly.

Please attention any such correspondence: Attention PR Unit –Offer of Support

Addressed to: uxo.nra@gmail.com