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Technical working Groups

Technical Working Groups (TWGs) are regular meetings that focus on each of the three main thematic areas of UXO/Mine Action:

- Clearance
- Mine Risk Education
- Victim Assistance

These meetings bring together organisations working in Laos in one or more of these pillars and area forum for coordination, information exchange, and accountability.

There is a regular schedule for these meetings is set down and coordinated by the NRA. The meetings are chaired by the relevant Officer, with support from Technical Advisors. They are conducted in, Lao and English, and minutes are recorded and available for distribution. The latest Minutes for each TWG can be found here.


The Technical Working Groups facilitate broad inter-agency dialogue and cooperation, and aim to be mechanisms that enhance Sector results. They are forums in which information flows up and down between the operators, the Government, and other partners groups. The outcomes are many, including cooperative strategy and policy setting, coordinated activity, prioritisation, general information exchange and discussion of important or relevant issues, and providing a high degree of accountability and tranparency; all of which help enhances aid effectiveness.

TWGs have been instrumental in helping achieve certain key developments in the Sector over recent years including; the adoption of national operating standards in line with international best practice, establishing a unified Sector network in support of the Oslo process, and the revision/modernisation of the Sector strategy (The Safe Path Forward)