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The mandate for the NRA’s Victim Assistance Unit was contained in the original strategic plan for the NRA, The Safe Path Forward:

…a national database on Mine/UXO accidents (covering all 18 provinces) will be developed and updated regularly, to feed into the prioritization of clearance and MRE tasks.  The specific needs of survivors of UXO/mine accidents, in terms of both physical rehabilitation and socio-economic integration, will be factored in all national/local public health initiatives.

In response to this mandate, the VA Unit has prepared and is undertaking the following programme of work:

Data Collection

  1. Phase 1 Survey of UXO Victims and Accidents:  historical
  2. Phase 2 Survey of UXO Victims and Accidents: ongoing
  3. Preparing and implementing a system for tracking UXO accident survivors

Responding to Needs of Survivors: developing programmes under the 6 Pillars of Victim Assistance:

  1. Data Collection (in part, as above)
  2. Medical Care (emergency and continuing)
  3. Physical Rehabilitation
  4. Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  5. Economic Rehabilitation and Vocational Training
  6. Advocacy

Accident and Victim Form

National UXO Victim and Accident Survey

The Lao National UXO Victim and Accident Survey is a significant achievement in the history of victim assistance in Laos. The Report on Phase 1 has been completed, and for more information about the survey process click here.

Click here for the
Phase 1 Report

The Six Pillars of Victim Assistance

The VA Unit has been working hard to establish 6 pillars of victim assistance. A summary of Victim Assistance stakeholders involvement in the Six Pillars can be found here.