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The Lao National UXO Victim and Accident Phase 1 Survey

This survey is a huge milestone in the work of the VA Unit. It has the following purposes and outcomes:

  1. To draw attention to areas of the country where concentrations of accidents have occurred and to address those areas as priorities for clearance and risk education activities:  this service is now available.
  2. To establish characteristics that appear high risk – activities, occupations, age of victim, gender of victim, detailed locations:  The NRA is now able to offer such analyses to stakeholders.
  3. To allow victim assistance organisations to identify those in need of their services and be able to contact victims to make them aware of the services.

As time goes by, and a comprehensive database of ongoing accidents is built up through Phase 2 of the survey, any deficiencies in the Phase 1 survey will become of less importance.

Phase 2 Ongoing victim and Accident Collection Method

  1. A District-level VA Focal Point (DFP) is identified within the Departments of Labour and Social Welfare.
  2. DFPs must contact all village Chiefs in their District and receive information from each one on whether an accident has occurred in that village during the period January 1st 2008 to date, and to must also report any new accident that occurs anytime thereafter.
  3. DFPs report to Provincial Focal Points (PFP), who then deliver that information to the NRA VA Unit.
  4. After an accident has occurred and news thereof has arrived at the NRA, two Victim Assistance Phase 2 Enumerators (VAPE) travel to the location of each accident and gather detailed information about the casualty/casualties and the accident for entry into LVIS.

By the end of 2009, the system was in place throughout the country, however, it will require regular reinforcement through provincial level trainings and refreshers.
The PFP/DFP system is the first nation-wide network of contacts for the NRA and it is thought that it will serve as a basis for other Operational Units of the NRA.