The National Regulatory Authority for the UXO/Mine Action Sector in the Lao PDR ( NRA) is a public institution of the Government of the Lao PDR. It is responsible for the regulation and coordination of all operators in the country working on the impact of unexploded bombs, artillery shells, grenades, landmines and like ordnance.

The overarching aims of the NRA are to enable all people in Laos to live free from the threat of UXO, help promote national development, and see UXO victims fully integrated into their societies and their needs comprehensively met.
Lao PDR has the unfortunate title of being the most bombed country in the world, per capita. Throughout the Indochina conflict (1964-1973), over 2 million tonnes of ordnance was deployed over the country, with up to 30% failing to explode as designed.

The situation today is that all 17 provinces of the country and approximately 25% of villages suffer from various degrees of UXO contamination. Their legacy is one of continuous death and injury, disenabled communities, and disrupted socio-economic development. Tragically, UXO accidents still injure and maim approximately 300 people every year.

The UXO sector in the Lao PDR is now over 16 years old and goes from strength to strength each year. A strong network of local government, international support, and operator agencies continues to deliver key services in the focus areas of clearance, risk education, victim assistance, and increasingly in quality control, information management, and capacity building. The robust and dynamic partnership of all actors has seen Laos make great advancements in addressing its UXO problem, however, the challenges ahead are still enormous.

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The UXO Problem

There are many types of unexploded ordnance that litter the Lao countryside, including bombs, mines, grenades, and artillery shells. By far and away the biggest problem though is cluster munitions, and the perilous submunitions, or bomblets, they released.

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